Radiateur JMT builds high quality radiators, charge air coolers, transmission coolers, and other variations and stands behind the high standard they have set for themselves.We have built custom radiators for the forestry, construction and mining sector for over 12 years, and have been in the radiator repair business for 30 years. We build radiators and heat exchangers based on exacting standards and in depth information that provides our engineers the data required to design a radiator that will exceed customer requirements.

Radiateur JMT is pleased with the growth it has experienced over the last years. With major players such as Goldcorp, Glencore, Agnico Eagle, Windsor Salt, Hudson Bay Minerals, Cementation Canada, Sifto Salt, and many others using our custom cooling packages, we are in good company.

The reason these companies have chosen cooling packages (rads, oil coolers, CAC ) from JMT is that after comparing costs of traditional rads and coolers to that of JMT, and also including equipment availability and repair / maintenance costs, JMT clearly came out ahead.

 Please consider the following:

  • The cooling package is truly the heart of the equipment.
  • Purchasing a standard rad or cooler based on cost only guarantees you the same performance you have come to expect from your equipment.
  • When you do the math and figure in all aspects of the purchase / maintenance / and performance costs you see how rad cost alone makes for a decision that does not include all of the facts.
  • When you consider how equipment availability impacts the operating efficiency and profitability of a mine, JMT begins to look like the good investment it truly is.

The JMT option :

  • Unparalleled performance over time.
  • Ease of cleaning due to its robust construction.
  • Ability to easily and quickly repair the radiator or cooler on site, and in many cases while still in the machine.
  • Option of epoxy coating for those acidic environments.

The JMT radiators helps you control the heat of your engine!

Radiateur JMT understands the importance of listening, communicating and responding wisely to customer requirements. Our ability to successfully establish long-term relationships with our clients is an important asset that helps us achieve our goal.

The team of experts of Radiateur JMT is dynamic, highly motivated and determined to exceed the custumers expectations. For this, the range of quality products and services will meet the most demanding customers. 

We are experts in North America in heat exchangers of all kinds. 

Contact Us, we are easy to get along with and can help your equipment perform at higher levels of productivity.