About Us

History of the company

Founded in 1985 by Mr. Jean-Marc Thiboutot, the company Radiateur JMT Ltd initially specialized in the sale, installation and repair of radiators.

The clientele consisted mainly of owners of forestry machinery (about 80% of its turnover), farmers, individuals, and very little of the mining sector.

From the outset, the company was able to differentiate itself by its courteous and quick service to mining companies for the repair and maintenance of radiators of their mining equipment so that this sector developed further. 

Over time, the excellent relationships with the mining sector have helped the company to better understand and meet the needs of this industry.

Being customer-oriented and seeking to broaden its range of products, the company hired, in 1997, Mr. Ivan Lecours as production supervisor and for research and development. One of is main tasks was to design a new radiator to meet the needs of the mining industry. 

The forestry industry crisis of 2005 in Canada has propelled the company into efforts to develop, test and produce new radiators specifically designed for the mining sector. 

Thanks to the tecnical skills, the innovative approach and the solid expertize of Mr. Lecours, the company was able to stand out by its ability to respond effectively to the various demands of the mining industry (product efficiency, guarantee and delivery time).

Being in the company since 1997, Mr. Ivan Lecours finally acquired the latter in 2011. 

Today, the company Radiateur JMT Ltd specializes in the design, manufacture (customized and according to the customer's request) and repair of industrial heat exchangers, for the vast majority of existing equipment models in the world market, both in the field of construction and the mining sector (surface and underground mine).

The company's motto is: Radiateur JMT helps you to deal with the heat of your engine, explains the philosophy of the company which is to supply products manufactured with high-quality components, products that can operate in very difficults environments (corrisive, hot, cold, dusty, dirty, etc.) and which are delivered on time and at the right price.