Quality statement

Quality statement of Radiateur JMT Ltd. 

Radiateur JMT Ltd is committed to providing hight-quality products that meet or exceed all the requirements of its customers, the standards or specifications applicable, always respecting the commitments made and deadlines privided. Each employee is committed to meeting this goal. 

At Radiateur JMT Ltd, we consider that the quality begins and ends with the customer and therefore our company is committed to fully satisfying the needs of its customers thanks to the continuous innovation and the constant improvement of its business processes. 

The company's Quality policy is to ensure that the products and technical assistance (privided to our customers) are at the highest quality level and can provide customers with a cost-effective and safe technical advantage. 

In order to achieve this mission, the company's Quality policy is based on the following principles: 

  • Repair or manufacture and always deliver a high-quality product within the prescribed time frame that will function as intended; 
  • Suppliers are a necessary part of the quality approach and the company's engeneering department must work closely with them to meet customer expectations; 
  • In order to maintain long-term commitments and mutually beneficial relationships, customer satisfaction will be the primary objective of quality management activities; 
  • Perform value-added work and take the necessary actions to fully satisfy customer requests; 
  • Communicate openly and work with all employees to improve quality and performance together; 
  • Encourage and enable all employees in the company to participate in quality improvement activities; 
  • Promote a dynamic quality improvement program based on a quality-control effort by each employee in the company; 
  • All employees have an individual responsability to understand and apply the quality policy in the performance of their duties; 
  • All employees of the company are fully committed to the quality policy. 

At Radiateur JMT Ltd, quality will always continue to be taken into account in all our internal and external activities.

Hight-quality products, employee participation, total customer satisfaction combined with extended warranty are tools that will ensure the success of our business.