Products and Services

Radiateur JMT manufactures radiators as well as heat exchangers of all kinds, custom-made, according to the needs of the customer and is request. Il also offers a wide rande of original or replacement radiarors for different equipment. 

In addition, Radiateur JMT offers the repair and refurbishment service of these products on the following equipment: 

  • Mobilre mining equipment (surface and/or underground); 
  • Fixed mining equipment; 
  • construction equipment; 
  • transmissions; 
  • forest machinery; 
  • transportation trucks; 
  • etc.

Our products are manufactured with aluminum spiral finned tubes with turbulators.

We are a manufacturer specialized in: 

  • Industrial glycol radiator (radiator with antifreeze); 
  • Industrial radiator combining CAC, glycol and oil (various forms); 
  • Engine Cooler (charger air cooler); 
  • Oil cooler of all kinds (oil cooler); 
  • Fan protection mesh.


  • More rigid structure.
  • Better heat transfer
  • Soot diesel exhaust and dust cling less
  • Increase the life of the radiator in the corrosive atmosphere conditions
  • Easy external cleaning with high pressure water jet
  •  May have additional protection (epoxy) against corrosion
  • Tubes are installed (through the rubber grommets) in a solid frame
  • Economical way to upgrade performance of an existing exchanger
  • Fan  guard (made from a steel plate) is more solid against vibration